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Visit Ponza Island

In the Gulf of Gaeta in the province of Latina, Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, and along with the Zannone, Palmarola and Gavi Islands, they all form the Municipality of Ponza with 3100 inhabitants.
The Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in an ideal location close to the main tourist attractions of the island. Our staff is available for any of your requests, such as organizing a trip to an island winery, suggesting itineraries and walks for your relaxation or providing the best directions for shopping on the island.
Visiting Ponza Island will be a continuous discovery made of breathtaking and evocative views.
The beautifully colored houses that are meticulously preserved to maintain the original and typical appearance, together with the rocks, the sea and the vegetation of a thousand colors, fill the island with rare beauty.

What to see in Ponza

Ponza Island is a place blessed by nature made of white cliffs overlooking the sea, pristine beaches and is characterized by a healthy and authentic life.
The geography of the island is characterized by heights, cliffs, jagged coastlines, grottos, caves and inlets.
But the pearls of the Island are perhaps the beautiful beaches, from the Frontone and the Cala Feola Beaches reachable by boat or on foot.

Trekking in Ponza

For lovers of trekking, Ponza offers eight itineraries for you to climb up to great heights and touch glorious ruins, vineyards and dazzling coasts to appreciate breathtaking views.
Along the way you can admire the remains of large Roman imperial villas with nymphaeums and fish shops, such as the Pilate Grottos, Bourbon forts, Benedictine monasteries and cave-houses built into the tufa.

Where we are

Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in an exclusive position, on a promontory overlooking the sea, just a three minute walk from the port and very close to the most important tourist attractions of the island.