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Diving in Ponza
the Most Beautiful Dives on the Island

Diving in Ponza is a very popular activity that attracts numerous scuba divers every year.
The many diving spots in Ponza and its crystal clear waters will take your breath away. Thanks to the professionalism of the numerous Diving Centers in Ponza, you can take diving courses, acquire diving licenses or simply enjoy magical dives in the Ponza sea.
For all those who want to do diving in Ponza we recommend some of the most beautiful dives on the island:

Punta della Madonna

Ideal for night diving due to the proximity to the port and the tranquility of the place. Punta della Madonna is a cliff that is five minutes away from the port that reaches the maximum depth of 20 meters. It’s a dive for everyone and full of fish and microorganisms.

Big Rock

A few meters from the port exit, right in front of the Pilate Grottos, this rock comes up from a depth of 35 meters, rich in fish such as bream, groupers and on the rocks there are some varieties of sponges. It is a scuba dive for everyone, from beginners who can stop at low depths to the most experienced.

Le Formiche

Perhaps the most renowned of the diving spots on Ponza Island, Le Formiche are a series of outcropping rocks that descend towards a sandy bottom up to 54 meters. This dive is accessible to all levels of divers, allowing multiple series of diving all characterized by their different environments.

Wreck LST 349

It is one of the dives in Ponza absolutely not to be missed. The "Landing Ship Tank" was a flat-bottomed ship used for the transport of troops and heavy vehicles that sunk in February 1943. The wreck lies on a sandy bottom in navigation position with the bow at 25 meters and the stern at 22 meters.

Where we are

Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in an exclusive position, on a promontory overlooking the sea, just a three minute walk from the port and very close to the most important tourist attractions of the island.